Saturday, April 23, 2011

Who Came Up With 'Choppin Broccoli'?

I'd had this discussion before with people and no one seemed to believe me, but here's an interesting piece of info. In 1986, Dana Carvey joined the cast of 'Saturday Night Live'. Part of his audition was his infamous 'pretentious rock star' impersonation which includes the song "Choppin' Broccoli". Here's some of the lyrics:

There's a lady I know
If I didn't know her
She'd be the lady
I didn't know
And my lady she went downtown
She bought some broccoli
She brought it home
She choppin' broccoli...

Also in 1986 (actually from 1979-1990), there was a TV show called "You Can't Do That On Television". It started on Canadian TV and then started airing on Nickelodeon. It was like a daytime version of SNL for kids. In 1986, there was an episode called "Pop Music" (which ironically was the first episode after Alanis Morissette was added to the cast, who later became a pop star herself). During the 'Opposite Sketches' portion of the episode, stars Alisdair and Adam do a sketch where one of them is singing a song in an alley. Guess which song?

Watch both videos and dare to compare...

Dana Carvey vs. YCDTOT (full episode, so just watch from 11:27-11:35)

So who came up with the song first?

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