Monday, April 25, 2011


In my family (and in most families I know), the holidays are about getting family together for a good meal and some quality time. During Easter, this also includes egg-dying. Since my mother, aunt, and grandfather thought no one would be interested this year, there was no egg dying before Easter. On Easter Sunday, however, they were bombarded with requests to dye eggs not just from my 13-year old cousins, but from my 30-year old self and my 27-year old boyfriend. Yeah...we're real mature like that.

There's just something about dying eggs that brings out the kid in me. Our routine was to cover the kitchen table with newspapers, then prep the dye. No pre-packaged tablets in our household - we use vinegar, water, and food coloring. The ratio is 20 drops for basic colors (red, yellow, blue, green) and then the box has the drop amounts for other colors like purple and dusty rose. So we opted for the basic colors + purple. The recipe is 1 tsp. vinegar, 1/2 c. boiling water, plus the correct food coloring amounts. My cousins were each given 6 eggs and my boyfriend and I had 3 eggs each.

Green...very nice!

Before the egg-dying, we'd had an excellent dinner of baked ham w/ cloves and pineapple rings, deviled eggs, Watergate salad, rolls, Yukon Gold potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce (from the can, not whole), and watermelon. For dessert, we had birthday cake, because my aunt's birthday was the 22nd and she wanted to wait until the weekend to have her cake. It was beautiful! My mother made a chocolate mayonnaise cake and the top was decorated with yellow Peeps and chocolate chips to look like a sunflower.

I hope that everyone else's Easter was just as great as mine! :)

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  1. We had a very busy, but wonderful Easter! Glad that yours was a good one!