Friday, April 29, 2011


I just finished watching the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton and WOW! The whole thing was beautiful. 30 years ago, my mother watched Prince Charles marry Diana Spencer. It was so romantic! Her dress was just stunning. It was designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

Very reminiscent of what Grace Kelly wore when she became the Princess of Monaco in 1956.

There were so many sweet moments during the ceremony, like when Prince William kept his back turned as his bride walked up the aisle, making him the absolute last person to see her in her gown. When she was standing beside her, he turned to her and said, "You look beautiful".

Another great moment was the big kiss at Buckingham Palace. It's been tradition since Queen Victoria for newly wedded royal couples to stand on the balcony and greet their subjects. Prince Charles and Diana were the first to kiss on the balcony. William and Catherine kissed not once but twice. Just beautiful!

It really is a fairy tale. She started out as Kate Middleton, a commoner who wore a skimpy dress in a college fashion show and caught the eye of Prince William of Wales and now she's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.


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  1. I'm watching it now - so lovely! And I just love her dress!