Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Note from a Homosexual Apologist

On Twitter, someone was ranting about how Google aired an ad during American Idol that "promoted homosexuality". In my defense of the ad, this same person called me a "homosexual apologist" to which I proudly said I AM! The ad is question was the ad from Google Chrome/The Trevor Project for, a campaign started after the rise in gay teen suicides last year. The ad doesn't promote homosexuality, but encourages young people that life gets better because for every hateful person in the world there are thousands more who are tolerant and accepting. How can anything like that be seen as wrong?

It just boggles my mind how hurtful people can be. Then again, at one time in my life, I was against same sex marriage. But when I realized just how many freedoms gay couples lose when all they want is to publically announce and rejoice in THEIR love just as heterosexual couples do, my eyes were opened, and in turn my heart.

There's a politician recently who summed up my thoughts better - if God was so against people who are gay, why does he keep creating them?

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