Friday, May 20, 2011

Retire Ronald McDonald?

An activist group called Corporate Accountability International (CAI) sent a proposal to McDonald's shareholders asking the company to issue a report on its responses to childhood obesity. The proposal only received 6% support at the annual shareholders meeting, so CAI took out newspaper ads calling for the retirement of McDonald's "spokesperson" Ronald McDonald.

I'm guessing that people from CAI forget about the charity work that McDonald's performs using the Ronald McDonald name and character, such as Ronald McDonald House (which aids families of hospitalized children worldwide) or the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, which offers no-cost medical and dental services for people twenty-one years of age or younger.

The whole argument made by people like those from CAI is that Ronald McDonald and other fast food characters market to kids. And? Are those same kids capable of going to McDonald's every day of their own free will? Nope. The majority of them need Mom & Dad to make purchases and choices for them. It's not the job of McDonald's (or really ANY corporation) to make choices for parents. They simply offer their products and services and it's up to the people spending the money to choose where and how they'll spend.

Meet MeMe Roth, President/Founder (and it seems ONLY MEMBER) of National Action Against Obesity (NAAO). People like her (and the man you'll see later in the clip) crusade against choice. Listen to the contempt in her voice when she discusses people who are overweight and/or eat fast food.

Let those without sin cast the first french fry, I guess.

I am a big girl who is trying to eat a more healthy diet and I do that on my own, but I recognize that without people like MeMe, the nutrition information that I use in trying to live a better lifestyle wouldn't be so readily available to me. However, man cannot live on lettuce or tofu alone. I enjoy the occasional cheeseburger (mayo, lettuce, tomato, and onion) and LOVE chocolate pudding. If I wanna buy a 10 gallon bucket of french fries, that's MY choice and not some random (skinny-ass) person who thinks they know what's good for me or the rest of the world!

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