Sunday, June 19, 2011

78 Years of History

Yesterday my mother, my boyfriend, and I went to a town heritage days festival in NY's Southern Tier. There were tons of vendors selling everything from photographic prints to custom-made clothing. I stopped by one booth that was selling spoon rings, something I'd always wanted since I was in high school but could never find the perfect one. There were TONS of different designs, some that looked classical and some that looked whimsical. It took a bit of looking, but I found the perfect one, and it has 78 years of history behind it.

My shots of the ring aren't very good, but here's an image of the spoon it was made from:

This is from the 1933 World Fair in Chicago, Ill. It was made in honor of the Travel & Transportation Building. There were spoons made for each exhibit building of the fair. The event was also known as A Century of Progress International Exposition, hence the inscription on the front.

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