Sunday, July 31, 2011

Johnsonville Bratwurst Patties

My mom suggested that I try one of Johnsonville's latest products - Bratwurst patties.

We purchased the original flavor and they were FANTASTIC! I opted to get these instead of regular hamburger patties - what a difference! They were juicy, hearty, and flavorful! Not to mention they didn't shrink when cooked like some frozen hamburger patties or even fresh hamburgers.

This is what I had for lunch this afternoon - a Johnsonville bratwurst patty with a slice of cheese, sauteed red onion, and a dollop of Grey Poupon spicy mustard on a bakery roll. Excellent!

If you get the chance to purchase these, TRY THEM! I found them for about $6 for a box of six 1/3 pound patties at WalMart. That averages out to a little less than $1 per patty, which seemed like a pretty good deal for us.

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