Monday, August 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Last night, John returned from his camping trip with some goodies. There was also some stuff that he accidentally left at his brother's house since they got back to their place VERY EARLY yesterday morning. So far John's given me a new fan, a parasol (which needs some mending, but it's very nice), handmade soaps, some very nice burgundy thread, and he also picked up some pretty and simple period cloak pins. He has a large one for himself, three small ones, and an even smaller one that one could use on a doll. He picked up some more rivets for his armor and a great set of frosted glass candle stick holders (which I may have to re-paint due to some chipping of the original color). He also has something hidden away that he bought me as a Christmas gift and one of the things he left in his brother's truck is a piece of jewelry for me. :D

My mom is supposed to be coming over to our apartment today after she gets done with work to give us the souvenirs she picked up for us from her visit at Hershey Park. They were having problems with the shower in their room on Sunday morning and when my aunt brought it up with the managers, they gave my mom, aunt, and cousins the key to a suite to use for the rest of their stay and told them it wasn't necessary for them to check out by 11AM - they could stay beyond that if needed. The suite had a jacuzzi so while my aunt showered and finished packing, my cousins used it, then they got ready to leave. Pretty good deal.

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