Saturday, February 18, 2012

Test Your Knowledge with Smarterer!

Sometimes when you're done with paying bills, checking your email, or reading news online, you're looking for something to kill time. You want something fun. You want something stimulating. You want SMARTERER! is a fun website where you can take quizzes on a variety of topics that test your knowledge, then share your scores with your friends and family on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook so they can test their knowledge and compare to see who among you is "Smarterer"!

Users can test their knowledge of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and even Blogger as well as other topics like music, movies, and sports. There's a wide variety of quizzes and surveys to choose from. Smarterer also allows users to create quizzes, add questions to existing quizzes, and give feedback on questions in the "Nursery" (newly-submitted questions) to raise the point value.

Smarterer allows users to create badges in various sizes to display their scores. For example, here are some of my scores! :)

While Smarterer has a lot to offer, I think improvements could be made. It would be great if the website allowed video and audio questions for those who love music or movie trivia.

All in all, is fun to use and easy to navigate, so check it out!

Disclaimer: This blog is posted as part of my duties as a BzzAgent. No compensation was given in exchange for this review. It's 100% honest!

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