Friday, March 9, 2012

Recommended Websites

These are just a few websites I use every day that I think are worth checking out:

Unicode Codepoint Chart - Need to type "ü"? Want some fun characters to add flair to your entries ❤? Dying to use an interrobang in your entries‽ This handy guide gives you the specific unicode for hundreds of characters, including letters, mathematical symbols, hearts, stars, skulls, crowns, and more! Just float your mouse over the character and see the code in your status bar or click on the individual symbol for a full-page description and instruction.

PhotoFunia - Take a regular photo of yourself and create fun graphics (some with effects).

Lunapic Online Photo Editor - For those who don't have photoshop but need to do simple tasks like resize a photo or those who want to add text or special effects to their photos, this is a simple and easy-to-use tool. It also doesn't hurt that it's free to use!

roflbot - This site adds text to images similar to that of memes or lolcatz.

Font Image Generator - If your just looking for text as an image (for example, for a blog header banner), this is the perfect site for you. Various fonts to choose from and images can be saved as jpg, gif, or png with solid or transparent backgrounds.

Keep Calm-O-Matic - Create your own "Keep Calm" style poster.

Free Online Converter - Need to convert a jpg image to a png file? Need to convert a document into a pdf file? This FREE online converter is easy to use and allows you to convert audio files, documents, images, and more!

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