Friday, June 22, 2012

Five Question Friday

1. What do you keep a stock pile of? I have a stock pile of pens. I love writing and I always wanna make sure I have one on hand, even if I don't have a piece of paper handy.

2. If Ben & Jerry asked you to invent an ice cream, what would it be? Probably Dirty Brownie ice cream with brownie batter chunks, chocolate and caramel swirl, and cookie dough bites in chocolate/peanut butter ice cream.

3. How do you blow off steam? When I come home from work, I usually get on the computer and check Twitter, Facebook, and my email. Then I sometimes watch something on TV or play a game on XBox 360 before going to bed. When I'm in a lull at work (and since we can't use the internet for personal use), I color pictures from coloring books. As childish as it seems, it's a great stress-reliever to me because it reminds me of a time when I had little more to worry about other than nap time and finger painting.

4. What would you do if you had an hour to yourself anywhere within a ten mile radius of your kids, no hubby, just you? I'd just go for a walk.

5. When you were 16, what was your curfew in the summertime? My curfew was 11 p.m. I was usually home by then anyway because there really wasn't much to do past 9 p.m. where I lived.


  1. DH and I collect pens from the hotels we stay at as well as at events we attend. Our charities also give us pens as well as cards so we have lots of pens in our stock pile as well.

  2. I had the latest curfew of my f4riends which meant I usually drove so everyone could stretch curfew to the very end.

    When I had m6y business, the first promotional thing I got was pens. I reasoned that everyone uses pens, everyone has a collection of pens - who wants to be without a pen?? :) I have a fine collection of pens too, including a bunch leftover from my business.